Sale of AutoStore 6 licenses

The actual version of AutoStore 7 from Nuance is available since almost 2 years. The sale of licenses for the former version will be stopped soon.

The major release of AutoStore 7 was made in summer/autumn 2015. A lot of users already upgraded to the actual version and are benefiting from the new features and improvements.

Nuance has now announced, that the sale of licenses for AutoStore 6 will be stopped on 15th April 2017. From this effective date, there are only licenses for the actual version AutoStore 7 orderable. If you need more AutoStore 6 licenses for your existing installation, you need to order them before this date.

The support for AutoStore 6 is still granted with a valid maintenance contract. However we encourage our customer to upgrade to the actual version. Therefore the support for actual devices as well as needed patches and fixes will be always granted.

With a valid maintenance contract you have access to the actual version AutoStore 7. You can download the software in the support area of our website. If you don't have a login, we will provide it to you by request.

If you want to enlist us to perform the upgrade, we gladly provide you an offer for our services. Please contact us by or by mail to

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