Printing of the new Swiss QR Codes on HP devices with the modules from NOW-Consulting!

The payments transactions in Switzerland will be harmonized with the European standards and is already in transistion. With our barcode modules you can enhance your HP devices for printing the new Swiss QR code according the standard ISO20022.

The new QR invoice will replace the actual payment forms with the machine-readable OCR-B font in the middle of 2019. The QR invoice is a print-on information part on the invoice in the format A6. Thereon will be the machine-readable Swiss QR code, as well as all needed payment informations, which can be read without assistive technology.

With the new version of our barcode module for HP devices, it is possible to generate and print the Swiss QR code. Besides the modules include more than 60 1D and 2D barcodes types. Enhance your printers today for the future. Further informations about our barcode modules you can find here.

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