AutoStore 7 Servicepack 4 available

You can get now the actual version AutoStore Servicepack 4. It contains a lot of new features and improvments. Read more about the most important changes.

Office 365 support

Adds the ability to route documents to a hosted Office 365 instance from within the SharePoint route component in AutoStore.


  • Seamlessly migrate your AutoStore workflow to the Office 365 cloud based SharePoint solution which offers lower overall server maintenance costs and a robust feature set.
  • Ensures customers continuity as makes their existing AutoStore business process "future proof".
  • SSO for Active Directory Federated Services (via SharePoint route component).
SharePoint 2016 (on premise)
Adds support for routing document in an AutoStore workflow to on premise installations of SharePoint 2016.
  • Imroved workflow sustainability and ongoing maintenance by giving customers the ability to upgrade their existing SharePoint installations to the latest version without disrupting their business process throughput..
  • SharePoint 2016 offers the latest in platform stability and features offered by the SharePoint platform.
TLS 1.2 support
Components in AutoStore that use the SSL protocol have been updated to support TLS 1.2.
  • Improved workflow security.
  • Improved compliance for regulated environments.
Updated components:
  • Desktop Clients: AutoCapture / QuickCapture
  • Capture Components: Ricoh SOP / AutoCapture / WebCapture / FTP Poll / IMAP/POP3 email / SMTP
  • Process Components: Directory Services process component
  • Route Components: Docuware / Docushare / Filenet P8 / Send to FTP / Send to HTTP / Send to Mail Recipient / SharePoint / WebDav

Improved OCR recognition & stability
Update the CSDK platform version to 20.2
  • Improves QR code recognition.
  • Improved workflow efficiency by resolving critical barcode recognition related bugs.

QuickCapture Pro French localization
Adds French localization support for the QuickCapture Pro desktop scanning application. This feature will result in a new installer that when invoked will install a Quick Capture localized in French.
  • Lower training costs by showing the Quick Capture interface in a native language.
  • Increased user & market adoption in native French countries.
  • Overall user experience improvement for users who use French as their first language.
Route destination version support
Updated support for the following route destinations and version numbers:
  • Dropbox API v2
  • HP Records Manager 8.2 (8.3 not supported)
  • LaserFiche 10.2
  • FileNet 5.2.1
  • Windream 6.0 und 6.5
  • Enable customer to migrate to latest route platforms that provide the latest features, bug fixes and security improvements.
Important: on June 28th Dropbox will be shutting down version 1 of their API effectively disabling any integration that is that version. To address the Dropbox policy change AutoStore 7 SP4 will include an update to our component to use version 2 of the API. This ensures that the AutoStore Dropbox component will continue to function after the v1 shut down.
Improved Batch Scanning Support
Keep separator page in current document after Document Split in Professional Image Management Component. This options allow the user to keep the separator page in the current document when splitting using "Split on Pages" option in the Professional Image Management component.
  • Broader and improved batch scanning support by allowing customers to keep their existing batch preparation process unchanged.
  • Adds support for use cases where the separator page is used to denote the beginning of a document as opposed to the end of a document.


The version AutoStore 7 Servicepack 4 is available in the download area of our website. If you don't have a login or if you have more questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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