Fleet management and optimization

Are you in control of your printing costs?

Without proactive fleet management, printing costs can only be optimised at great expense. To ensure effective optimisation the “current situation” first has to be recorded and analysed. However, since this is a very time-consuming process, in many cases this is restricted more or less to estimating toner and paper purchasing costs.

Our offering records, compresses and saves all the relevant key data on the output devices such as e.g. toner levels, error messages, print volumes etc. All the local devices, as well as those integrated into the network, are permanently monitored and logged.

All the information recorded is continually stored in a database and so is available for analysis at any time, enabling us to quickly supply highly relevant information on your print fleet, the error messages or printing patterns within a short space of time.

This means you can display your print fleet on the screen at any time at the press of a button and you will also have real time info on where which costs are being incurred. The key data gained from this provides the basis for your next tendering process or for optimising your print fleet.

Using a freely definable set of rules you can also record all the events in the print fleet and initiate the necessary steps in the service process.

Summary: Active fleet management reduces the overall costs and increases user satisfaction.

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